Taste the Difference: Big Al’s Delivers Premium Bakery & Deli Goods to Your Business

At Big Al’s Bakery and Deli, we pride ourselves on supporting our local community by offering commercial and wholesale accounts to a range of businesses. From mouthwatering eats at Patio Burger to the cozy ambiance of Gino’s Coffee House in Osoyoos, through to the daily hustles of the Twin Lakes Convenience Store and local golf courses, our baked delights and savory treats are spreading joy far and wide.

Our specialty lies in delivering freshly made, high-quality bakery and deli products daily – right to the doorsteps of restaurants and cafes from Osoyoos to Penticton -ensuring that your menus always feature the best.

Commercial and Wholesale Orders

Big Al’s Bakery and Deli is the ideal local choice in the South Okanagan for businesses looking to add bread, buns and desserts to their menus. Please give us a call to ask about wholesale prices and delivery options – right to your door.

Baked Goods

Indulge in our selection of freshly baked goods, perfect for any occasion.

Fresh Bread

Elevate your meals with our variety of freshly baked bread, crafted daily.

Fresh Donuts

Treat yourself and your guests to our delightful assortment of fresh donuts, a sweet touch that’s hard to resist.

At Big Al’s Bakery and Deli, every bite tells a story of quality, freshness, and community spirit. We look forward to partnering with you and helping your business succeed!

To see what we offer to our commercial customers, please click the button below and call Big Al’s Bakery & Deli to set up an account.