Big Al’s Bakery and Deli: Where Homestyle Cooking Meets Community

At Big Al’s Bakery and Deli, nestled in the heart of Oliver, BC, we pride ourselves on our homestyle cooking that brings our community together, one meal at a time. Our menu caters to both breakfast and lunch crowds, offering everything from hearty morning starters to satisfying midday meals.

From Baked Goods to Hearty Meals and Aromatic Coffees

Not to be overlooked, our specialty coffee selections, including Lattes, Cappuccinos, Americanos, with your choice of flavoured syrups, provide the perfect pick-me-up for both takeout and dine-in enjoyment. Distinctively, we source our aromatic Voets coffee from Vernon BC, ensuring each cup carries the hallmark of quality and local connection. Additionally, we’re thrilled to offer selections from Wolf Tree Coffee Co right here in Oliver, spotlighting both their commendable single origin and espresso blends. Whether you’re grabbing a quick coffee to go or settling in for a comforting meal, Big Al’s Bakery and Deli is where you will experience authentic, local dining.

Breakfast and lunch menu

Lunch and daily specials

Specialty coffees from local producers

Takeout or eat in






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(served all day)

Bacon & Eggs

2 strips of bacon, 2 eggs & your choice of toast



2 eggs with peppers, onions & cheese, 2 strips of bacon or ham with your choice of toast


Egger Sandwich

1 egg with cheese, 1 strip of bacon or ham, served on a toasted Kaiser bun or bagel


Denver Sandwich

2 eggs with peppers, onion & cheese, 1 strip of bacon or ham, mayonnaise, served on your choice of toast


Breakfast Wrap

2 eggs with peppers, onion & cheese, 1 strip of bacon or ham served in a tortilla burrito


Pancake Breakfast

2 pancakes, 2 strips of bacon, 2 eggs (served until 11 am)


Bagel & Cream Cheese

multigrain or plain



white, whole wheat, sourdough, rye, multigrain. For gluten free or cinnamon raisin add $1.00


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(served from 11 am – 2pm)


The classic toasted sandwich with mayonnaise, bacon, lettuce & tomato and fries


Grilled Cheese

We use real cheddar cheese on your choice of grilled bread with fries. Add ham or bacon for $1.95


Deluxe Burger

A hamburger patty on a Kaiser bun with mustard, ketchup, mayo, fried onions, tomato & lettuce with fries. Add bacon or cheese for $1.95



French fries served with grated mozzarella cheese & gravy

Sm $7.95 Lg $9.95

Grilled Panini

A grilled ciabatta bun with sliced ham or chicken, aioli, fried onions, peppers, Monterey jack cheese and fries


Beef Dip

A sliced roast beef sandwich served on a toasted hoagie bun, “au jus” and fries


Beef & Cheddar Melt

A sliced roast beef sandwich served on a toasted Kaiser bun, with real cheddar cheese & sriracha sauce and fries



Montreal smoked, sauerkraut, monterey jack cheese, on marble rye



A deep-fried hot dog served on a toasted hot dog bun, with fried onions and fries, add bacon or cheese each for $1.95


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French Fries

small $6.95 large $7.95

Hash browns (2 patties)


Bacon strips (2)




Daily Soup

Sm $6.95 Lg $7.95

Add poutine to any lunch for just $3!

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Drinks Menu

Specialty Coffees


12oz $3.25 16oz $3.75


12oz $4.45 16oz $4.95


12oz $4.45 16oz $4.95

Caramel Macchiato

12oz $4.65 16oz $5.25

Mocha Latte

12oz $4.65 16oz $5.25

Espresso single

$2.50 double $3.25

Seasonal Lattes

12oz $4.45 16oz $5.25

Alternative Dairy Products

add 75 cents

Flavoured Shots

add 75 cents

Drip Grind Coffee

8oz $2.25 12oz $2.50 16oz $2.75


Chai Tea Latte

12oz $4.45 16oz $4.95

London Fog

120z $4.45 16oz $4.95

Assorted Teas

12oz $2.25 16OZ $2.25

Hot Chocolate

12OZ $4.75 (add whipped cream $0.50)
16OZ $5.25 (add whipped cream $0.50)

Cold Beverages

Assorted Pop


Snapple Ice Teas


Jones Sodas


Bottled Water